Farm Herbs

We provide a small selection of herb plants and fresh cut herbs that are available for your home garden or to add right into your dinner this evening. 

Various Herb Uses: 

Lavender ~ The flavor is faintly floral and very herbaceous with green overtones.  Can be used as an antidepressant, for insomnia, circulatory disorders, as an antiseptic, analgesic, gas reliever, and anti-spasmodic. 

Parsley ~ The flavor is mild, but very clean and similar to that of parsnips.  Can be used in treatment of urinary tract infections, kidney or bladder stones, gastrointestinal distress, and can help stimulate menstruation. 

Basil ~ The flavor is sweet and peppery and offers a slight anise-like aftertaste.  It has strong antioxidant and antimicrobial effects, and it is traditionally thought to stimulate the appetite and ease an upset stomach. 

Dill ~ The flavor is slightly licorice like, deeply fragrant and unmistakable.  Can be used to ease stomach upset, gastrointestinal disorders, and treat insomnia. 

Oregano ~ The flavor is bold, deep, and strong with faint mint-like undertones.  It’s traditionally used to treat respiratory issues such as a stuffy nose, coughing, and is used as an expectorant.  Also is used to treat menstrual cramping and has very potent antimicrobial effects. 

Sage ~ The flavor is slightly medicinal that is herbaceous with grassy undertones.  It’s deeply fragrant.  Can help improve appetite, inflammation of the mouth, and helps nursing mothers to slow milk production. 

Rosemary ~ The flavor is pine like with floral undertones and is deeply aromatic.  Can be used for digestive upset, easing headaches and migraines, treating menstrual disorders, and externally speeds healing in wounds and eczema.