Our Passion

We are a family owned and operated farm market, and our generation is the sixth generation in truck farming and produce stands.  Michael remembers stories about when his Grandpa Clifford Schwab was a young boy.  They would load the truck bed with produce from the garden and, with him riding in the back, drive the slow, winding roads down to Cincinnati to sell.  Things are a bit different nowadays, but the concept and love remains the same.

We also operate a small farm that raises cattle, hay, crops, and sells fresh beef and pork with the future goal of providing non-GMO and gluten-free meat to those who are interested.  We are a combined family with six amazing kids.  They help on the farm, enjoy sports, computers, mechanics, engineering, 4H animals, FFA, and being ornery whenever possible!  They learn the values in money, how to buy, sell, breed, birth and raise farm animals to help feed our own family and as many other families as we can. 

Our passion ~ one of many ~ is working with the ground by growing what we can from seed or small plant to a mature productive plant in order to share with others.  Taking a deep breath at the end of a long, hot day, reminding ourselves how blessed we are in this world to be busy doing so many different things we love and raising our kids in this amazing style of life ~ ultimately that’s what it’s all about. 

Another love is teaching ~ the world, the community or whoever will listen ~ about the need our bodies have for fresh, non-processed foods.  Teaching how animals touch our lives every day, from both ends of the spectrum ~ from love and feeding your soul to providing nourishment to a family.  Last but definitely not least, how vitally important it is to keep farming alive in our country, so that our children and grandchildren will still have fresh, local food to eat and feed their families right here in their own community. 

Thank you, from the bottom of our hearts, for believing in and supporting us


Michael & Julie Schwab